"Ham-Let" For President
"Ham-Let" For President
The Original Pork Barrel Candidate

Swine Party Platform
Bacon a Difference in 2016

Universal Bacon-Care and Oink-Ment for all
A Pig in every poke, Ribs in every fridge
More Pork Chops for National Defense
Bar-B-Cueing, not Water Boarding
We believe in the Pig Bang Theory
Oinkers up and Pork Rinds for all
A Stop ‘N Slop on every corner
Pork Bellies, Not Beer Bellies
Open Alaska for Pork Drilling
Make BLT’s, not veggie dip
Ham Hocks for Highways
Equal pay for all Piglets
Think Pink, not Green
Leave No Pig Behind
Pork for Prosperity

Top Ten Reasons I'm Running for President

10. Bacon is Life

9. Think Pink, Not Green

8. Build Pig Pens, not Walls

7. #LongTermEconomicHam

6. Pork Bellies, not Beer Bellies

5. I want to ride in Air Force One

4. I’ve been to Iowa and wowed the crowd

3. Universal Bacon-Care and Oink-Ment for all

2. I have a Birth Certificate from Old McDonald

1. The Oval Office is Round and so is my Pig Pen

And The Real Reason I'm running:
With all the mud-slinging and slop calling in Washington, I’ll squeal all the way down Pennsylvania Ave!

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