"Ham-Let" For President

Introducing "Ham-Let", our Pretty In Pink Porker
The World's Largest Flying Pig!

How many times have you heard the phrase "When Pigs Fly"? For me, way to many, for it was my dad's favorite expression. How many times did I ask for something as a kid only to have my dad say, "Only When Pigs Fly"!

Special shaped Hot-Air balloons come in many different shapes, sizes & colors. Ours just happens to be a pink pig standing over 100' tall, 60' wide and 80' long

That's alot of Ham to heat up!

Hot-Air Balloons work quite simply on the principle that hot air rises & cool air descends. So, all we have to do is get Ham-Let to the right cooking temperature & he will lift off from the ground & float through the sky.

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The Time is Here!
So Go Ask For It! - Whatever You Want!


We rise above the barn yard
And circle thru the sky,
We root the clouds
And declaim aloud,
Oh Yes World, Pigs Can Fly!

Rocky Brougham
After his Pig Flight in Albuquerque at Fiesta

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